New Builds & Remods

Hitech Network Services has 10 years of experience in construction from cabling, fiber, and electrical; to point-of-sale, wireless and digital signage we do it all.

New Builds & Remods

Our skilled construction team and professional techs have helped drive the successful grand openings of thousands of new, remodeled, or reset retail stores and pharmacies across North America to date.

In the ever-changing retail sector, we know that planning is everything, and Hitech Network Services Project Managers are very good at it.  We work with you to ID any issues, find solutions, and schedule your new builds, remodels, and resets.  Our personality and expertise come to life and are laser focused as we execute, bring your project to fruition and without a hitch.



Expert Project Management

Hitech Network Services Project Managers are ready to work with you to identify issues, find innovative solutions, and begin scheduling new remodels or resets. In the ever-changing retail environment, we know that planning and executing a grand opening or site re-opening is important to your business. That's where our expertise and personality come to life; we work with you and all associated trades to ensure your project goes off without a hitch.